Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Liam... A Disney Adventure

Okay, so we (my brother, SIL, me and Tony) and a little surprise up our sleeve for this little guy. So earlier in the week Mark texted me asking me if we could play hookie on Liam's birthday to accompany them to Disneyland... umm, you don't have to ask me twice! Disneyland at Christmas while helping my nephew celebrate ... yes please!  So I went to work on my sub plans and Mark and Missi went to work on the plans for the day. Unbeknownst to me, Mark and Missi decided to host the day complete with a Disneyland host... can I say Awesome. We never had to wait in a singe line the whole day and we got to meet the character by appointment. Can I say my kids are completely ruined for any further Disneyland adventures. 

We did not tell the kids the plan. I got the girls ready for school that day and as we were about to leave Mark and Missi showed up at our house "for breakfast" so the boys thought.  Mark announced to the kids that, we would skip breakfast at Aunties and just pick up some breakfast on the way to Disneyland. Only Aiden got the clue, and he started to cry as he thought everyone else was going to Disney except him, since his mom and dad were pretty convincing with the school plan. Well we pretty much had to spell it out for the gang... W E  A RE  G O I N G  T O  D I S N E Y L A N D! We believe the kids were in shock and confused because it didn't hit them until they were actually at Disneyland. 

Happy Birthday Liam, He opened his Presents on the way to Disney. 

 We there...

Lola finding comfort with Auntie Missi on our first ride ... The Tower of Terror. 
 Toy Story Ride!
 California Scream'n!
 Tower of Terror take two... I LOVE this shot! 
 Liam, so cute

 Missi, Mark, Stacie, Liam, Lola, Aiden, Ellie
 OMG... Ellie was in Heaven! Tomorrow land is basically Star Wars land now! 

 Savanna was our guide for the day... the kids loved her! 
 Thunder Railroad FUN!

 World of Color.. fantastic show!

Thanks Mark and Missi for such a Magical day!!! 

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