Tuesday, December 22, 2015

SANTA - 2015

Tradition continues (though we cut it close this year) we waited to see the Man in Red just a week before the big day. Tony, the girls, and I headed down to mall with Uncle Mark, Auntie Missi, Liam, Aiden, and Sydney to let this guy know what's on our list. Followed with a little shopping and dinner at Stacked! 

{Ellie, Creepy Santa, and Lola}
I think the girls look So much a like in this picture- crazy!

Liam 5, Ellie 6, Lola 6, Aiden 9, Sydney 2

Our fun after sitting down with the big guy...

We decided to hit up some Christmas lights together on the way home! 
It was a new neighbohood that did not disappoint!

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