Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Official 1st grade school portraits

 Ellie Francesca
First Grade, Mrs. Alhstrom

Lola Grace
First Grade, Mrs. Alhstrom

Class Picture

... man they grow up fast...

Saturday, January 16, 2016

work'n out

Ever since they got "work out" cloths for Christmas these ladies have been obsessed with "working out." These ladies are inspired and also inspiring! 
I can't help but keep my New Year's resolutions with these motivators.

 Yeah... this day Lola ran 1.25 miles on a 5.2 pace... really girl?... you're 6!

Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year's Eve!

We spent New Year's Eve at the house with Grandma, Poppi, and Uncle Drew. It was such a nice mellow evening complete with "charred ribs" (wink, wink dad), board games, spirits, Karaoke, celebration, and a little crazy... as we brought it the Nine-o-clock New York-  New Year !
..picture of the evening in no particular order...

Our family welcomes 2016 with open arms... the best it yet to come! 

Playing with them toys...

After Christmas is settled, we always have this beautiful week to relax, play with all our new toys, visit with friends, and end the year with a bang! 

While Ellie went with Daddy, Uncle Drew, Emma, and Mike went to see the new Star Wars movie, Lola and I headed out for a paddle. Lola wanted nothing to do with the new Star Wars movie, she wanted a "girl's day" it was my pleasure to have a girls day with just her! AND I love that her idea of a girl's day is to go for a paddle and then to pick up Starbucks and watch the waves while we drink and snack.  Love this girl! 

This girls can even carry her own board! 

Skating under the lights! 

Over the break we got to catch up with the Herkerts for what has turned into our annual tradition of Sand Sledding! I love that even in the winter the beach is calling these kids to have fun! 

 Ellie was determined since we were at the beach, she had to "try out" her new surf board. 
I love her ambition... oh yeah and that BIG smile! 
Declan wasn't about to let her go at it alone. 

In reality, she only spent about 5 to 10 minutes in the water without catching a wave, 
but she "got it wet" and that's what count. 

We love moonlight beach... of so many reasons. 
the girls Ellie, Lola, and Lexi

We love Moonlight beach so much that we headed back there with some friends from school. 
The day was filled with sun, sand sledding, castle building and a little wave chasing! 

 Ellie, Tessa, Lola 

{Lola, Maddie, Taylor, Ellie, Tessa, and Connor}

We met up with Amy and Ella for another day of sand sledding, but this time in Ocean beach and not before we enjoyed breakfast on OB's main strip!
{Ella, Ellie, Lola}

Topping of the break and to the girls delight, we got a new chair! It is their absolutely favorite and to be honest I love this chair- it is so comfy! (though I felt kind of like a college kids buying Papasan chair - I don't regret it one bit). The girls have spent so much time cuddling reading, and watching toons in this chair. 

The break are always way, way too short... how many days until spring break?
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