Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas Afternoon - 2015

 After our fun Christmas morning, we headed over to Emma's house for an evening of Christmas celebration. 

 Lola and Ellie are pretty excited about round two! It was killing them to pose for these pictures before they got to rip into their goodies. 

 Daddy and his girls 
 Uncle Drew, Emma, Mike
Mommy, Lola, Daddy, Ellie

Time to start the gift opening! Emma was up first with her WV high heel wine bottle holder. 

 Lola and Ellie got their much desired Karaoke Machine from Uncle Drew, complete with a Taylor Swift sing along! So many fun moments to be had!  

 Lola was a little shy to sing at first.

 ...more fun...

The doorbell rang and to the girls surprise ...
NEW BIKES from Emma and Mike!

 Time to test these new bikes out! 

 Back home to rest, relax, eat and be merry!

Lola, sneaking a little dessert a little early. 
It was a great evening and a wonderful Christmas celebration !

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