Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Morning - 2015

Our Christmas morning was exciting to say the least!  After a lot of work from Tony and myself on Christmas Eve, we realized that we might have spoiled our girls ... just a tad. Needles to say Tony and I had fun shopping for our girls and its nice when we are able to do so!  
Evidence of our work on Christmas Eve!

 Good Morning Christmas!
The girls didn't not wake up before the sun rose this year. I woke up around 5:30 am to get Tony up and going and then I was actually about to nod off until we heard the girls stirring around 6:45 am!
These girls were beyond excited!

Like in the past after Lola and Ellie have taken in the gifts Santa left unwrapped, they search for the ones  they have bought for each other. It is the sweetest thing!
 I love how they love each other.

This morning lasted quite a while... I love that. The girls would stop and play with the gifts and with each other and then help Daddy open a gift or two.
New Uggs for Daddy... picked out soley by Lola.

Ellie picked out daddy a "stuffy" one of the rock trolls from Frozen the movie. She was SO excited to give this to her daddy. And each night since she makes sure daddy has the troll in his bed!
...the fun continues...

The result of all the fun... a beautiful mess!

Play Time!


Yep! Cinnamon Rolls and Sparkling Apple Cider (in fancy cups).

I LOVE this family!
Merry Christmas Morning!

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