Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Happy Birthday Letters - SEVEN years old

What beautiful girls {inside and out} you both have become these last seven years,
 we could not be more proud you! 
You are so lucky to share your birthday with your sister, your best friend! 

{Dear Ellie}

Ellie Belly- my Goofy girl… where do I even begin… this year you have turned into a mini-adult… right before my eyes, but at the same time you are so very innocent. I love having conversations with you. You intrigue me with your thought process, your observations, and your wit. You are simply FUN!

I simply cannot believe that my baby Ellie is SEVEN! Seven seems like such a big girl age… you know why? Because it is! You are a first grader, who can read and write beautifully. You are you own person, with your own ideas and agenda. No longer are your dad and I your source of everything. You have sought out friendships of your own, have demanded alone time and begged for your own phone (though not yet sweet heart… a phone is still many years away).  You Ellie are a contradiction though, as much as you want to be alone with your friends and cool, you want our attention, which I am so happy to give. You still love morning snuggles with your daddy and lunch dates with your mommy. “Tickle monster” is still your absolute favorite game, as long as mommy is the tickle monster. I love how at the age of seven I can see the big girl in you trying to show herself, but the little girl inside you thinks better of it and settles in!

I love you more today than I ever have. You Ellie, make me excited for the future, but also inspire me to stay on my toes, wide-eyed and ready for anything.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little lady- My Goofy, beautiful Ellie! Love, Mom

 {Dear Lola}

Lola Grace- my independent, confident, seven-year-old, who is always living in the present moment and loving life. You have become such a strong girl who is gracefully transitioning into a seven year old. You love math, running, and all things design. I can’t wait for you to design our new home!  You have shown your grown-up side in your music choices and your dance moves. You have this hip-shake that is amazing and somewhat provocative- the cute thing about it is that you are so innocent when you do it! I love that about you- you are so “cool” and don’t even know it! You have strolled though first grade “girl drama” without blinking an eye.  You Lola, know what you want, know what you don’t want and make it known – if you know what I mean. And you never forget anything- your memory is impeccable!  You love vanilla ice cream, the beach, and exercising with mom. You love reading with dad and are so intuitive to his needs. You are deep and very thoughtful. This year I heard a quote that describes you so well, “Still waters run deep.” I think after sever years, you still have many people fooled, but we know better- you silently rule the roost whether your twin sister likes it or not. Though, I cannot ignore the sarcastic, funny side that you have shown us this year. You too are keeping us on our toes!

I simply cannot believe that you have graced our presence for seven whole years. What was our life before you? I love you more today than the day you were born. I can’t wait to see what this year brings and to watch the girl you will become through this next year!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely Lola- My confident, beautiful, big Girl! Love, Mom

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  1. Happy birthday Ellie and Lola! It has been a joy watching you grow up to beautiful little girls these past 7 years. ♥


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