Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy Seventh Birthday!

Good Morning birthday girls! 

 Birthday Breakfast! 

Off to school for a filled school day full of birthday fun!
First off, the art teacher just happened to be teaching a lesson on their birthday. Mrs. Ahlstrom let the girls pick the project because it was their birthday- They were so excited!

For snack recess Lola wanted to bring the class coffee cake muffins... Yum!

 Nothing like upside birthday flips! 

I went out and brought back the girls lunch for their birthday, 
so they brought in their friends and we all had a birthday lunch together. 

Ellie's turn- she brought cupcakes for the class to eat after school! A little mishap with the homemade cupcakes as ants found their way to them before the end of school... needless to say I had to run to the store to grab cupcakes that did't have ants on them. We saved the day and Ellie too got to celebrate with her classmates. 

Back at home there was a family party waiting them. Emma, Grandma, Uncle Drew, Uncle Mark, Auntie Missi, Aiden, Liam, Sydney, and Candice all came over for pizza and cake! 

 Present time .... these girls are SOOO spoiled. 

Cake time! 
Lola wanted an ice cream pie, Ellie wanted a mini bunt cake, and I made one extra cake to actually feed our guests.  
 ... a little whip cream fun...

Happiest of birthdays to these two beautiful girls.
 I simply can't believe they are 7 and I can't wait to see what this next year will bring! 

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