Tuesday, March 29, 2016

bitter sweet

This week has been very bitter-sweet. My brother Mark, SIL Missi, Aiden, Liam, and Sydney are in route from San Diego to Bend, Oregon for their next adventure. I will miss this family so much, but my heart is happy for them and this opportunity. I wish nothing but the best of them and look forward to vacationing in Bend- a lot! 

Cousin Sleep Over!
Before the move, I had to have all the cousins over for a fantastic, memorable sleepover. It was a blast! I think I heard "Your are the best Auntie and Uncle ever" like 100 times! I will admit, I spoiled these three over and over again. I'm going to miss them like crazy- and won't be able to spoil them often! 

{A pictorial review of one fun night}

Tony and Sydney have bonded over his phone and his chair. 
Sydney has discovered Tony's chair joystick and tries to drive him everywhere while stealing his phone! 

Wubble Bubble ball... amazingly it lasted the whole night without popping! 

Freeze dance!

Movies, root beer floats, and rainbow floats: what more do you need?

They all slept well- even Sydney who ended up sleeping in between me and Tony.
They woke up to a Yummy breakfast !

Brother, Sister, and Nieces - date
Mark and I made a plan to get out and go to Sushi! It was great to spend an evening with him enjoying sushi, one of our favorites to eat together!  I was able to hold it together this night- but pretty much any other time I saw him this week- I was a mess - I'm really going to miss him. To my defense, it wasn't an easy good bye for Mark either. There's something special about a brother, and it was so nice to basically grow up into adults together in San Diego. Deep down I'm truly excited for him. Mark has always been drawn to the mountains and the trees. Missi and Mark have worked so hard for this freedom and I am excited to watch them experience this opportunity! 

And this lady... I lucked out in the SIL department. We have been through so much together, she really is like a sister to me!  We got to spend her second to last night in San Diego together. Missi, Liam, and Sydney- stayed the night and we just had a super simple evening. Basically the kids played, Tony watched basketball, and Missi and I sat on the patio, enjoyed the view, chatted, and drank too much wine! It was a much needed night! I love her and will miss so much having her in my town. Though, I am so happy for her and excited for her to finally enjoy her new home! 

God's blessing to my brother and his beautiful family as they start their new adventure in a new state! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

That little Leprechaun...

Lucky was his name and he brought a little something for the girls and left a mess in the process! 
The girls did not make a trap this year, but were very much expecting a MESS when they woke up!

Off to school in all GREEN!

Irish Dancer came to school to do a performance !
 Home to some Corned Beef and Cabbage! 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Blue Angels 2016

Official 2016 softball season pictures.

Softball Sisters

Ellie age 7

 Lola age 7

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Blue Angels - Season Underway

I am not quite sure what Tony and I were thinking when we signed up to coach Lola and Ellie's softball team this season. The league was begging for coaches and I knew it was something that would fill Tony's heart! So, Tony became the coach and I became the assistant coach (aka Tony's hands) to the Blue Angels! 

Though we had reservations about the commitment, we are so happy we are doing this... 
it is simply SO fun! Tony even said today that he knows this is one of those memories he will look back on one day and just smile- a very happy smile. All the girls on the team are awesome and are full of 6-year-old girl energy! 

Practice Time! 
We have practice on Friday afternoon in Ocean beach. 
It's a great sunset practice and the tradition is to head into OB after wards for a dinner out! 

I LOVE that these girls have bonded with Tony! 

Opening Day! 

Eye Black ... A MUST!
It is so cute how the girls ask for it before every game - it makes them feel official. 

 Ellie as catcher! 
 Lola about to score! 
Daddy coaching it up! 

The Blue Angels draw crowds...lots of family come to take in the Saturday show! 

Just FUN on the field! 

 It was a double stripe kind of Saturday!

LOVE this shot... priceless!
We're looking forward to an undefeated and memorable season with these Blue Angels! 
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