Saturday, April 2, 2016

Happy Easter - 2016

Our Easter started with the prepping of the eggs! 
The girls were pretty independent with this and loved drawing secret messages on the eggs. 

The Easter bunny stole these eggs to hid then at Emma's and left the girls and two cousins some full baskets in return. Auntie Missi, Liam and Sydney spent Saturday night with us! It was their last weekend in town and it made Easter that much more special to have them with us! 

We celebrated  Easter Mass as a family and then headed to Emma's for an egg hunt and dinner! 
Ellie on her Daddy's lap in Mass. 
Our easter family photo! 
The whole gang!
{Stacie, tony, Uncle Drew, Ellie, Emma, Lola}
 The HUNT is on! 

 The girls found Easter baskets at Emma's house too!

The girls wanted another hunt ... so I became the Easter Bunny this time. 

The race is on... round two. 

This girl...

 Love this face...

 That's a wrap...

Back to Emma's house for a fantastic Easter dinner,  complete with Lamb Chops that my girls devoured. I love Easter and it did not disappoint this year! 

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