Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Nana Denney

Nana Denney is Tony's maternal grandmother.  Last week she went to be with our Lord.  I had the privilege of meeting her a few years back in her home town of Moorefield, West Virgina. Lola and Ellie never got to meet Nana Denney in person, but I am sure they feel as if they know her simply  by listening to all the stories Tony would and still shares.  I know they were loved by her and they would have loved meeting her. 

Words from Tony: I loved imitating her and when I did it around her she would give such a hearty laugh. I loved having her around, she would always cook some southern fried chicken (even though she didn't like chicken). She would get so mad at me when I cut my hair  short because she loved my thick wavy locks. She was so proud that she passed that onto me! We truly enjoyed each others' company and I will miss her!

Mary Frances Denney
{Born in 1919}

Rest in peace Nana, you were loved! 

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