Friday, May 27, 2016

end of an unforgettable season BLUE ANGELS

Our last game was almost rained out! That would have been such a bummer because these ladies were amped up to play the last game. The last game was so bitter sweet for our whole family. This season was so fun and simply a JOY! All of the parents and girls got along so well! We all came together and helped when needed and because of that each girl on the team loved their season and walked away with memories that will last forever! I kind of don't know how to truly describe this season and the impact it had, all I know is that Tony and I loved being the coach of the Blue Angles and will never forget these little ladies! 

 Amy, was our team mom...
 she was the best and handed out trophy's and donuts to all the girls after the last game! 


My Girls!
At closing ceremonies the league gave all 6U players trophies as well!
We hosted the end of the year softball party at our pool. BBQ, swimming, and your team... 
can't ask for much more than that! 
The team gave coach Tony a signed cavan of them! so cute! 

...and that's a wrap to one unforgettable softball season...

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mother's Day - a weekend

Tony was out of town Mother's Day weekend, so it was a girls' weekend all around! 
The three of us had a fun couple of days,  the beach, movie and sushi, and then of course Mother's Day.

These moments are the best. 
The three of us went to see Zootopia and then out to Sushi for dinner! My girls love Sushi!

The girls treated me to a pre-Mother's Day home pedicure! So Cute! 

Mother's Day morning, the girls were all on their own... and it was fantastic! 
Tony had schooled the girls to let me sleep in until 9:00 am. Well about 7:30 am I could hear my bedroom door open, then close- they were checking to see if I was awake yet. Lola and Elie were so excited to start my surprises! 
It started with a HUGE handmade card ...
 Breakfast in bed...

 Complete with handmade flowers arrangements....

The surprise they were most excited about was my gift of a new bike, a beach cruiser. Around 8:30ish I hear the doorbell ring and the girls screamed and stated I was to not move. They answered the door (who happened to be our sweet neighbor Candice) Tony and the girls had hidden the bike in her garage, for a Mother's Day morning delivery. I love it so much!!! and know I will have many, many fun bike rides with the family. 
 Off to Mother's Day brunch with my mom and grandmothers. 
Four Generations: Ellie, GG, Lola, Stacie, Nana, Mom. 

My mom, it was nice to spend Mother's Day, it has been a long time! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Summit- Lemon Droppers

Last month I was 1 of 100 people to get invited to what was called the Lemon dropper Leadership Summit. It was a fun, full weekend to say the least. I walked away with richer friendships, knowing myself more, and with more empowerment for business. 

On my way to Utah! 

Lehi, Utah 

The first half of day 1 we spent touring and doing activities at the lavender farm. It is always great to see where some of the amazing essential oils are grown and distill. We also got a tour of the warehouse, which was pretty amazing. We got the opportunity to see where the testing on the essential oils are completed. The process was so informative and gave you such confidence in the quality of Young Living's products. 

Before heading back to hear form the Young Living cooperate team, 
we took some time to have a little fun! 

So my team "the pink team" won all-round!

One of the best things about the trip was spending time with old and new finds. Day two we got to spend it together with these lemon Dropper  friends listening to speakers like Jon Acuff, Elise Joy and Michael Moreno. We also dug deep, wrote our own personal Mission and Vision statements while creating a clear focus for our business and future goals. It was a pretty cool day complete with lots of laughs and some tears. 

{Wendy and I used to teach together in San Diego, she has moved around with her husband who is in the Navy, but we have been reunited with the Lemon dropper! So cool! 

These two ladies were my roomies! I hadn't met Charity and Stacy before, but by the time we left we knew each other pretty well and I am sure will be life long friends. 

"The Inner Circle" We partied it up a bit... when the kids are away... the moms will play!
{Carrie, Wendy, Rosie, Stacy, Katie, Mary, Stacie, Savannah, Breanna, Missi}
It's fun that Missi and I get to see each other at events like these now that she is no longer a SD girl. 
A poster with our collective Vision/Mission Statements on. It took all of us a lot of thought and labor to come up with these it was a process of steps and collaboration. 
 My Mission: "Inspire and empower children and adults alike with passion and confidence to find Joy and ABILTY within." 

Yeah.. so I forgot to mention that we got hooked up... the weekend was kind of like Oprah's favorite things... we walked away with all this loot! Lindsay the lemon Dropper founder was awesome to us!

Flight home with these ladies or should I say Carlee and the Stacy/ies (yes three Stacies)... was fun and long we had to de-board the plane ... but we made it home eventually! 

The coolest thing about this weekend was that it was all positive. Ya know when you are with 100 women you never know what your going to get... but it was nothing but empowering, inspiring, and refreshing. These oils bring out the LOVE!
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