Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mother's Day - a weekend

Tony was out of town Mother's Day weekend, so it was a girls' weekend all around! 
The three of us had a fun couple of days,  the beach, movie and sushi, and then of course Mother's Day.

These moments are the best. 
The three of us went to see Zootopia and then out to Sushi for dinner! My girls love Sushi!

The girls treated me to a pre-Mother's Day home pedicure! So Cute! 

Mother's Day morning, the girls were all on their own... and it was fantastic! 
Tony had schooled the girls to let me sleep in until 9:00 am. Well about 7:30 am I could hear my bedroom door open, then close- they were checking to see if I was awake yet. Lola and Elie were so excited to start my surprises! 
It started with a HUGE handmade card ...
 Breakfast in bed...

 Complete with handmade flowers arrangements....

The surprise they were most excited about was my gift of a new bike, a beach cruiser. Around 8:30ish I hear the doorbell ring and the girls screamed and stated I was to not move. They answered the door (who happened to be our sweet neighbor Candice) Tony and the girls had hidden the bike in her garage, for a Mother's Day morning delivery. I love it so much!!! and know I will have many, many fun bike rides with the family. 
 Off to Mother's Day brunch with my mom and grandmothers. 
Four Generations: Ellie, GG, Lola, Stacie, Nana, Mom. 

My mom, it was nice to spend Mother's Day, it has been a long time! 

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