Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Softball night at the PARK

So it was softball night at Petco Park and man was it fun! 
Tony and I were in charge of getting our team to the park and on the field! These girls were so excited and loved every minute of the day!! It was truly a fun day for us as well! 

The pre-field FUN! 

 It's GO time!!! 
 What? we're on the jumbo-tron! 
 We're on the  field!!

 {Macie, Ella, Coach Tony, Madison, Arianna, Coach Stacie, Ellie, Tessa, Lola}

 Now, it's time to enjoy the game and PARTY! 
The ladies stayed until the 9th inning! They are true baseball fans !

I love these girls they are so fun! 
Go Blue Angles! 

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