Thursday, June 16, 2016

just plain fun...

Lola and Her daddy! 
Can I get a Mc-pick-2?  A song created by Tony and his girl Lola. 

Impromptu pool party! 

Followed by an impromptu sleep over, where we woke up to the Rock and Roll Marathon! 

 Ellie loves her daddy! 

Tessa, Ellie, and Lola being crazy! 

Tessa begged Ellie to take her to church! SO our family went to church on a Wednesday. It was great!
 Yep... just because... cup-of-yo after school
 Lola tried out Gymanastic.... though she decided she wants to wait until after summer to start. 

second impromptu pool party... this time at Leslie's house. 
I think it's starting to feel a bit like summer. 
{Joseph, Ellie, Ella, and Lola}

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