Wednesday, June 22, 2016

last month of first grade...

What? Yep! I said it! My girls have completed the first grade. I know it very, very cliche' but seriously where did the time go? This year went by way, way too fast. My heart actually aches writing this post. Please, oh,  please time slow down. 
The last month of the school year is always full of so much fun! First up was the field trip to Mission Trails. I was able to go with the girls for a day of fun!

Lola and Ellie got to have lunch with the principal! It was such a fun day for them. Their friend Payton, her family, won the principal's lunch at the silent auction and Payton got to invite four people. Lola and Ellie were lucky girls. 

Lola also got invited to go bowling with Mrs. Ahlstrom (her teacher) another silent auction prize! 
What fun! {Lola, Mrs Ahlstrom, Payton} 

Open House! I always love open house because the girls are SO excited to show off their skills. 
They have become writers this year!!! Each of them wrote a book series. Ellie was entitled "Lilly and Payton's adventure - she wrote four in this series. Ellie's was "The Jollys" about a family and all their adventures, She wrote 5 in her series. 

My Lunch Crew... I love my "Mommy Mondays" with my girls. I get to keep up with their friends and the in and outs of the social dynamics of their lives. 
The last Monday we all decorated cookies together. 

The second to last day of school was Gator Olympic! 
It was such a fun (hot) day! The girls had a blast. 

 this girl... too cool for school... she kind of is a hula hoop master 
 we love Jackson...

Wrapping the afternoon up with some popsicles. 

There was an ABC pot luck end of year celebration. 
Lola brought Lasagna
Ellie brought eggs- deviled

Now I officially have two second graders... first and last day of school comparisons. 
 Mrs. Ahlstrom and the girls... they loved their teacher and she taught them SO much! 

Now it is party TIME!!! Let Summer begin. 
Off to Kellogg Beach for the tradition kick of to summer, with basically half of Silver Gate! 

 It was Brittany's birthday this day too ... 
we had to celebrate together with a little bubbles and a lot of bunt cake. 
{Brittany, Ashley, me} 

... and that's a wrap... 
Bring on Summer 2016!

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