Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lola - jeweled up

This day was a day Lola has been waiting for, for a very long time! She decided she wanted to get her ears pierced about four months ago. Tony and I were a bit unsure, for no particular reason, if we wanted to let her get her ears pieced. We told Lola a few months ago that if she wanted to do big girl things like get her ear pierced, then she needed to act like a big girl is social situations. Meaning she had to talk to adults and put herself out there a little bit more! She worked hard at this task. Finally branching out and talking to her teacher and raising her hand more in class. She even volunteered to get up in front of her class during a field trip and speak. We noticed a big change in our little reserved, shy girl. She put herself out there, she earned it! We were so proud of her and made a special day out of it. Note: Ellie wanted nothing to with getting her ears pierced. She states, "I do NOT want a hole in my ear for the rest of my life!" 

Lola Grace

She is a little nervous, but excited mostly!
 Here she is picking out her earrings. 
 Marking the spot...and prepping for the pinch with blankie, mom's hand, and daddy's smile! 

 Here we go! (Ellie was the photographer here)

 Done... beautiful ears and one happy girl! 

We took this little big girl out for ice cream afterwards... 
She was very brave an looks very beautiful! 

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