Sunday, June 5, 2016

May Days

'May Gray' brings out the crazy in us!
 It was Super Hero day at school... these little ladies are not to be messed with!!! 

Our dear friend Amy had her baby girl (a little early) before our planned shower. We decided to throw her a shower anyway to celebrate little Rosie and she continues to get stronger in the NICU. We had a brunch shower at the Kona Kai, it was fantastic! 

Tony and I supported the girls' school with a night out at the Silent Auction! It was a super hero theme.. you can't see Tony's cape, but I'm sure you can tell he went as Clark Kent... Irony intended! Not quite sure what super hero I was... just a compilation of things from our Halloween box.
It was a super fun night!
 {Stacie, Arielle - girls kinder teacher, Amy, Carol}

May did grant us a few sunny days and we took full advantage of them. 
A bike ride with my little ladies and my new beach cruiser. 

An art party for Maddie! We love the Lomax family and they the girls had a blast their party! 

We fit in a day of Sand Castle building with our advanced tools! 

Ellie is so fun with her pretend play these days! 
She was a teacher this day, teaching her stuffed animals about writing and reading. 

 On this day she was the pastor of a church. 
Complete with a sermon, songs, and of course communion! 

We managed to drag the paddle board out! It's kind of cool having kids old enough, where you can just head out on the water together and have an adventure. Lola on her own paddle board and Ellie on her Kayak while I was paddling on my own. We paddled with sea lion this day! 

Ellie has been wanting to take guitar lesson for quite some time (years). It just have never really come to fruition, until now. She is in LOVE! She looks forward to her weekly lessons and practices throughout the week, all by her self. She even made a "guitar nook" in her room! 

I love that they still crawl in bed together without me knowing... twins for life! 

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