Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Fair

Putting aside my reservations or should I say complete dislike for the fair, we took the girls last Friday because their after school dance class was performing. I'm actually glad we bucked up and went... it was a really fun evening. We met up with Lola's good friend Payton and her family to ride rides, play games, eat some gnarly food, before performing on a little big stage. 

Ellie, Payton, Josie, Lola

We started off with some rides...

 and a little games...

 some fair food... Tony was in heaven...no I didn't eat that
 Here are the girls performing, You can't really see them as they are in the very back row.
 They did great animist of all had a ton of fun! 

 Ended the evening with one last sunset ride!

 A fun family night at the fair! 

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