Saturday, July 9, 2016

Leslie's 40th - Girls' Trip

Yep! This 12 passenger van picked us up from the airport with Melissa as our Chauffeur!
As you can see it was Leslie's 40th birthday and we helped her celebrate with a girls trip to Napa. Sending a day on a house boat, a day wine tasting, and a few super fun nights in killer VRBO! Our friend Melissa planned everything to a tee. We were handed professionally printed itinerary to start off the week. We did not have to think about anything the whole weekend. Even the house was stalked with food, beverages, and each meal was planned with at the house or out to some ferrite restaurants. Needless to say it was a fabulous weekend we all will never forget. All 12 of us girls came back refreshed and kind of on a high! 

Let's get this party started!
{Sarah, Stacie, Kristi, Leslie, Moe, Renee} 

What? Yay! too much wine already...

On the way to the lake! 

This house boat had a full kitchen with a bar and Amy as out tender!  

Melissa was the house boat driver! 

The boat had a slide!!! 

A top sunning deck! 

Yep... we all jumped off the top...

Next day ... Samoa wine country! 
{Melissa, Renee, Kristi, Lizette, Lindsay, Mo, Rema, Kathleen, Amy, Leslie, Stacie, Sarah}
We went to two wineries, and a tasting room! 

Corn Hole and the second winery... why not?

Melissa even planned a Yoga session for us the morning before wine tasting... it was spectacular. The Yoga teacher came to house and we did the class outside - fantastic! 

Us girls had a little fun in the evenings... charades and little wresting?

What a fantastic weekend with some fantastic girls. I think this will have to be a tradition! 

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