Tuesday, August 2, 2016

some summer highlights

This summer has been more laid back in terms of activities a little heavy on the work side... results of moving, but we are still having fun! Enjoying each other and the sunshine! 
Here are some of the highlights so far !

Putting them to work... actually they ask, I promise! 
Their homemade "book nook"

Beach trip with our beach buddies the Herkerts. of hanging at the beach with them We tried a plaster of Paris project at the beach and almost flopped... but we made it work and the kids loved it. 

{Ellie, Lola, Lexi, Declan, Nathan}
These girls loved SHARK week! 
Ellie make her very own "farmer's market" in our living room
A pool with a view !Kaps and Monte put in a forever pool and the girls enjoy it too much!

It's not summer without a little  summer concerts in the park 
Love these carefree summer nights! 

 Kellogg beach with friends. 
 The girls got invited to go to Lego Land with their friend Macy for her birthday! So fun!

Yes, I let them sleep in our moving boxes... because who would say no to those faces.  
 Practicing Guitar in your panties... why not?... anything goes in the summer. 
 Aquatic fun with the Lomaxs

 We are spending lots of time furniture shopping this summer. 
 Slumber party with Tessa and Maddie! 
 Family Beach trips! love them
 Days at home packing and playing legos ... 
 Putting these girls to work at the new house ... Painting in bathing suits... why not!

 My Bro, mark, came down to help me move and get the new home ready! What a guy! Love him!

A day at the bay with Herkerts lead for some fun animal adventure. We found an octopus, an otter, a shovel nose shark, and paddled with dolphins. So fun!

 So many memories and summer is only have way over!

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