Monday, August 8, 2016

Surfer Girls

It was bound to happen, I mean look at their lineage. It's in their blood. This summer was the summer these little ladies turned into surfers. It was no surprise that Ellie was the one begging for surfing lessons, but it was a surprise that Lola loved the lessons just as much! They both are so brave and truly can't get enough of the wave. 

First, these girls were lucky enough to be taught by a legend- Mouse. 
Since Tony can't get in the water and teach his girls to surf, Mouse is the next best thing. Mouse is 85 years young and knows Ocean Beach like no one else. He has surfed the break for over 75 years and spent many years as a life guard on this beach. These days you will find him paddle surfing and or chatting it up with his "old guy" buddies  in the parking lot by Tower Two each and every morning. He is the one who taught me a thing or two about catching a wave. It's great to see these girls gaining a respect for the ocean and the sport from someone who's has been around a while.

Our neighbor Jeff owns a surf school in Mission Beach and offered some free lessons to the girls. They were beyond ecstatic to take him up on the offer. Adam was our instructor. He was so nice and showed the girls a very good time! 

I love these girls love for the ocean!  

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