Saturday, September 10, 2016

Daughter Dates

Our traditional summer DATES with our girls 
{I laid low with the pictures- to be extremely present}

Daddy and Ellie spent the day at the ball park for their daddy daughter date. Ellie decided early in the summer that she wanted to go to a Padre Game with just her and her daddy. I'm sorry but these two are the cutest EVER. They are like two peas in pod. Eliie is a true daddy's girl! She even insisted on wearing daddy's Pardre shirt to the game! 

 {and they are off- they had blast, Ellie reports}

 While Daddy and Ellie were at the game I got Lola all to myself for our "mommy date." Now we all know Lola, she had a list of things she wanted to do on our date and she waisted no time crossing them off. The list: The Hot Pot to make a candle, The Habit for dinner, Old Navy for school cloths shopping, and a stroll around Dixie line and West Elm. Gotta love this girl! 

The next day was Lola's turn with her daddy. She picked to go see a movie "The Secret Life of Pets" Lola was really excited to take just her daddy to the movies and then dinner after. She even sweet talked her daddy into buying her some treats from Japettos the Toy Store  Lola loved her evening. 

While Lola and Daddy were out, Ellie and I got the whole day together. We too went to see a movie "Pete's Dragon." The best thing was that we had the whole theatre to ourselves. As the movie ended  we danced in the theater to music of the credits. Ellie was in heaven. We then headed to Sushi for dinner and to Old Navy for some back to school shopping. 

The girls look so forward to these dates, it really warms Tony and my hearts. 
Love them- they are two pretty cool girls! 

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