Saturday, September 17, 2016

First day of second grade

Lola and Ellie are officially Second graders. This summer was the shortest summer to date, which made the start of school feel less like a big deal... but WAIT I have two second graders... so YES it is a big deal!!! They are almost half way through their time at Silver Gate with me and I simply can't believe it! 
I love their teachers this year!! Yes teachers, they are in a job share classroom with two of my favorite teachers on campus. Not only are they spectacular teachers they are my good friends. I know Ellie and Lola will have a fantastic year. To top is off- their classroom is only three doors down from me! 

First day of school poses... The girls picked their own outfits and ended matching! 
Go Figure! Love them! 

At Silver Gate new cement was being laid right by their classroom,  and their new second grade teacher carved their initials into the cement- too cool! 

 My and the girls on the first day... yes those are flip flops I am wearing. 
Our morning was a bit hectic that I forgot to put on my school shoes.... whoops! 
 {Ellie, Ellie, Lola}

 Mrs. Nazarian greeting the girls! 

Okay so, mom fail, I didn't do the traditional first day photos with the signs and all on day... so these are technically second day photos, but they will have to do!  

Congrats Lola and Ellie for making it though the first few days like champs! 
Here's to a fantastic second grade year!!

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