Thursday, October 27, 2016

Chargers 2016

This was the very first year (in over 24 years) that Tony has not had season tickets to the Chargers. It has been quite an adjustment, but has also lead to some pretty cool opportunities... Like this one. Tony got to take all his ladies to the game. He was hooked up with 5 tickets for the Charger Broncos game. It was a fun tailgate and a winning game. The girls had a blast- we all did!  
Ellie leaving her mark while tailgating! 

 Lola ... just hanging
Game Time! 
Heeling + daddy's chair + Qualcom stadium ramps = super fun time 

 Chargers won!!!! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

moments that matter

Wheelchair Races... because we can
 Being buried to your chest in wet sand... are they stuck?

Farmer's Market on a Sunday... just me and Elle
 Emma celebrating 70...many wishes made 
 Lola trying something new... independently, without her sis
 Reading to your twin babydolls.... priceless
 Playing teacher ... they never want to leave school
 New boots... looking all too grown up
 Friday nights... family night 
 Fun with Great Aunts and Uncles... pool time adventures

 Cooling off with ice-cream ... October heat waves. 
 Sunset cartwheels on the bay... sweet perfection
 Emma eating a sack lunch made by the girls... Grandparents' Day at school... 

 After school friends...
 Girls night out... Sarah's getting married

 Lazy Saturday afternoons... spiral graph with my girl Lola
 October Beach Days with friends... empty beaches are the best. 
 Reading to baby Rosie... our girls are now the big girls

school moments... bun triplets
 After school stops at the beach... who cares if your cloths get soaked

 Skinny dipping with friends... if you fall in the pool fully clothed, you might as well take them off pool side and tell everyone under the age of 10 to join you. 
Picking your battles... daily outfit choices will not be one of them, we LOVE Ellie
 Twin Bonds... sisters... how they love each other 

simple but unforgettable moments 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Apple Picking

Amy and I headed to Julian and took the girls apple picking. There were even apples left... a lot of them actually! It was a fun day. Short and sweet due to the heat, but worth kicking off the fall with our apple picking tradition. 
{Stacie, Amy, Ellie, Ella, Lola}

time to bake...something 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Koehler Family Reunion 2016

On Labor Day weekend all of my family was in one place. My bother Shaun and his family flew in form New Jersey for a visit. They flew to my parents house in the Bay Area, so all of us followed suit. It was so fantastic for all of us to get together. It was an adventurous weekend filled with cousin chaos and a ton of family fun! I will say it one incredible weekend full of Love! 

{Be prepared, there are way too many pictures in this post... but to quote my wise grandfather "we all will never be this young again" so why not capture all the moments.}

The minute we got to Grandma and Poppi's the fun started. Actually Aiden and Liam were waiting on the front lawn when we pulled up!

Screaming cousins...

We headed to the Redwoods in Santa Cruz for an afternoon. 
It is always fantastic and so beautiful to spend the day in the redwoods. 

Fun at home hanging out! 
Sisters!  {Maureen, Katie, Stacie, Missi}

Shae's funny face

"The Parents" Got to go out on the town San Fransisco to be exact. Mark and Missi rented this fantastic limo - it was amazing fun! We all ate at the Stinking Rose and then hit the town !
{Tony, Stacie, Mark, Missi, Matt, Mo, Shaun, Katie, Jeff, Ashley}

More fun with the cousins. 
Christian was in charge of the IPAD all weekend! 

The great Grandmas; Nana and GG 

All it wrestling going on... Koehler style. Uncle all around means some kids are going down. 

She could not get enough of Tony! It was quite cute! 

A little Big Brother , little sister fun... We are getting a little too old for this pose. 
{Shaun, Matt, Stacie, Mark}

Yep, the cousins had a four night sleep over in the motor home. 
Grandma and Poppi were the chaperons... what troopers. 

The Formal Pictures! 
Tony and Mom
Matt, Mo, Missi, Katie, Nan, Mark, Uncle Lynn, Shaun, Christian, Mom, Auntie Robin, GG, Tony, Stacie, Dad, Liam, Shaelynn, Aiden, Haven, Lola, Ellie, Sydney, Athena

Love this shot! 

What a weekend.  It was so full and so fun! 
Needless to say there were a few tears shed when it was time to head home. 
I love this family! 

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