Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Book Club

The girls and I have started a great thing. It is nothing new that I read to the girls at bed time just before Tony tells them a story. But as of late we have started a book club, where each of us have a copy of the same book and take turns reading. We started with "Miss Daisy is Crazy" a super fun chapter book that I often read with my students. The girls loved doing this and we loved listening to them read to us and each other. I believe this is just the start of something good. Mom and daughter book club... I like the sound of that! 

What we have been reading lately: 

I have been introducing the girls to some classics and one of my favorites as a child. "From the Mixed Up Filed of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler." I am looking forward to reading a few more classics with them this coming year! 

Lola has blossomed in her reading this year school year and is loving Amelia Bedelia books and any chapter books about cute animals. She also likes Heidi Heckelbeck. 

Ellie loves reading books about people like the "who was" series and she is digging the Box Car children series.  Dork Diaries are also among her favorite reads of late. 

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