Monday, November 28, 2016

Ellie the writer

My girl Ellie...
She is a writer and a fantastic one at that. Her writing has such voice. She absolutely loves to write and writes the most creative and fun stories one would read. She includes such detail and craft at such a young age. She always professes that she wants to be an author when she grows up, specifically of children's books, but Ellie, she's already an author. 

She had even started typing some of her stories on my lap top. In this shot I was actually reading outside and she joined me with the lap top and just started writing. 

Below in quotes is her newest piece, modeled after the series "Dork Diaries" She did all of it... down to the different fonts. This is the one she has been working via my computer. 

   Dork Diary’s of Ellie!     
“Hi, I’m Ellie.”  “ Have you ever herd one of my life Long, Long, Long story’s if you haven’t it start’s Now!” So it all started in 2016. I was at School writing in my diary when Jena came up and pushed me off my seat and knocked my diary down and it fell face up she almost read it. After School me and my friend’s went ice skating, but then I saw Jena! “Oh her” my best friend’s groaned. So I quickly ran into the bathroom and me and my friend’s changed into different cloth’s [“because we were wearing the same as I wore to School”] then we came back out but Suddenly Jena spotted us and rushed to us, but before
 that “she slipped and every one laughed”!!!! HA, HA, HA!!!! Then…  it got crazy!! She through a cupcake at me but I through mashed potatoes at her then she got SO, SO, SO, SO, SO, mad that she just left! [ so I went home too.] The next day we both had to go to the principal “I always go”, but just because of you know who.    
After School me and my friend’s had a sleep over at my house. We talked about Jena, told secrets, wrote in our diary we had so much fun… until “ding dong” Jena rushed into my room and Shouted “YOU Signed UP FOR DANCE TOO”!
“GET OUT OF MY ROOM”! Me and my best friend Nicole SHOUTED together. So she ran out the room and Screamed!!!! Then it was time to go to bed, but instead we stayed up all night.  PS and wrote mean stuff about her in our diary.

Then it was morning and we all sneaked out of my room to go watch our favorite T.V. show.  "

{to be continued}    

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