Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween 2016

This Halloween, the festivities were were kept to one weekend. We missed the school carnival this year because we were out of town (I was not as disappointed as the girls). It was nice to really enjoy the actual holiday and not get too tired from multiple festive and outings.  

We had to have pumpkins. We just went to the local pumpkin patch and picked a few pumpkin and came home to carve them. The girls picked some pretty large pumpkins. 

Grandma and Poppi were over to help us pick out and carve the pumpkins. 

Lola's is on the left and Ellie's in on the right.

On Halloween morning we had to wake up early to turn the whole family into Zombies. 
Ellie and Lola both decided to be Zombies... yes my sweet beautiful girl really do like the gory side of this holiday. So their 2016 Halloween costumes were Zombie cheerleader for Lola and a Zombie football player for Ellie. 

School was fun! Their teacher and all the other teachers dressed up like bee - note: for half of the day I was a Zom-bee. But Ellie did not like me turing into to a Zom-bee remind throughout the day that I was a Zombie Mom. 
Halloween school centers.

Their whole class. 
At the end of the day the whole school walks in a parade. it is really fun for the kids. 

Our Principal the bee keeper.

The evening festivities included Daddy Zombie as well! 

We left out candy for the kids in our neighborhood and went to Emma's house in liberty station where the Halloween crowds are fun and non-stop! It was a good choice. 
My parents joined us too in full dress up! Emma was dressed like Amadala from Star Wars too! 
Off for the first round of trick or treating. 

The girls loved to answer  stand at the door. There was no need to answer the door because the door stayed opened for about two solid hours as the trick or treaters were non-stop! Super fun for the girls.

My dad carved the charger pumpkin for the family and Emma and Drew carved the other creative pumpkins complete with barf. 

It was fun might to do it at Emma's house. 
The crowds were crazy and it might the night full of non-stop excitement! 

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