Saturday, December 10, 2016

2016 Family Photos

We had the pleasure of getting our family pictures done by our friend Lindsay Herkert. It was great to work with her and we loved how they turned out! She did such a wonderful job. 

Last year we did not get formal photos taken and when leaving for the photo shoot I looked at our last photos from two years prior. I said to Tony, " Ya know we are going to realize how much our girls have grown up when we get these new pictures back!" And sure enough our baby girls are so beautiful and grown up in these photos it is almost too much to take. When I look at these photos I am filled up and so grateful! 

Ellie Francesca age 7.5

Lola Grace age 7.5

Family of Four 

The girls started to have a bit of fun on this shoot! 
I think the following  photos capture their relationship and their youthfulness!

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