Thursday, December 15, 2016

November fun!

These girls know how to win my heart... that or they really want something. 

I got to go on my first field trip of the year with these cute little ladies. 
We saw the James and the Giant Peach play with their class. 

Uncle Mark and Auntie Missi surprised the girls at school. They were in town (for a funeral, just the two of them) and wanted to pick the girls up from school and take them out! The girls were ecstatic! To be honest this picture actually makes me want to cry. These moments used to be the norm, but since they have moved they are no longer the norm and are now that much more special. 

Work Happy Hour at the new house! 
Chuck, Vinne, Meghan, me, and Megan. 

Slumber Party Madness!
{Ella, Tessa, Maddie, Lola, and Ellie}
All over for some fantastic fun. We had a conga line, a megaphone challenge, move in mama's bed and a good morning swim! 

November Beach Days! 

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