Sunday, December 11, 2016

Thanksgiving Break 2016

My brother Mark and the fam came down for Thanksgiving Break. It was so great to just spend such playful, simple time with them. The girls were in heaven to have their cousins back in San Diego! 
Frist we all went to Robb field to cheer on our Sister-in-law Maureen when she completed the 3 day walk for Breast Cancer. 

 We spent a lot of time together just hanging at the house! 

 The loft play and concert 

 Go Noodle spend the country! They all do it school and loved doing at home! 

Swimming in November? Why not?
We wore this girls out! She actually just put herself on a nap. 

The girls and I spent time making some table decoration for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast.
They turned out so cute! 

We spent an afternoon at the roller rink. I'm not quite sure what I was thinking, taking these five to the rink all by myself (mark and miss we away). But we survived!  

 I have to posts this picture because ... these guys... are just simply awesome. Lee and Mouse came to just say hi and see the new house. The next thing we know the have organized a "work party" the next dat to fix a few vital items (Tony's access to a phone while still in bed). Needless to say this was an entertaining afternoon watching these guys figure it out, but we are grateful the community of people we have surrounding us and their willingness to help! 

We managed to find a little down time on Thanksgiving break as well. 
A little paddelboarding and little movie watching! 

Tony's friend Mark was in town for the break too! It was s great for Tony- together they went to a few movies, just hang out, and he joined us for the Thanksgiving feast as well! 

The girls loved Mark's cool filter

It was a nice, relaxing, fun break. 

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