Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas Eve 2016

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days in the whole Christmas season. I am not sure why, though as a kid is was my favorite day and I guess it just stuck! 

Today was kind of special for the girls, as they got to have Haddie go with them wherever they went. You see she hid herself in a plastic container so they girls could carry her around without actually touching her! AMAZING! 

First up ... we have to track santa on the iPad!

Off to Coronado, for a day of ice skating in the cold wind!

Despite the cold, it was a fun morning. 
We didn't last much longer than an hour, but it was still so great! 

Inside to see the tree and get some warm drinks! 

We came back home and actually had a chance to relax before church. 
... Beautiful...
Silent Night 

Once home from church, Lola helped me prepare dinner of our traditional Lasagna and salad. 

Time to get ready for Santa! Cookies and Milk 

But getting ready for Santa means we have to say good bye to Haddie... it is always so heartbreaking to watch the girls say bye to Haddie- I mean honestly it breaks my heart... and totally makes me think of the day when they find out about it all.. talk about a conflicting heart...

... and too all a good night...

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