Monday, February 20, 2017

Dear Lola & Ellie - 8th Birthday Letters

Eight, 8, Ate … EIGHT… my little girls have turned into big girls right before my eyes… I have tried not to blink, so I didn’t miss one moment, but that was impossible.

Girls, when I think back to some of my earliest memories, the year that your memories start to become clear and vivid, it was my second grade school year. Thinking about this makes me so happy that the memories you are making now will be with you forever, but also a little weary. Weary in that,  … ugg… we have done so much cool stuff and your dad and I have put so much effort into the last 8 years, the thought of you both not remembering much makes me sad. Yes, this is why I take so  many pictures, to prove to you that believe-it-or-not there was a day (way back when) when I had energy and all of me was for both of you. But also weary for the opposite reason. That … AHH… you are going to remember everything from this point forward. Man this is a lot of responsibility. I better be on my toes, be the women I want you to emulate and be ever more intentional and purposeful with my words, actions, and examples. Give even more effort (if that is possible) to making your childhood worthy of remembering. Lola and Ellie, I ask in advance for your forgiveness.  For I am not perfect, I am still learning how to parent, and to be honest - I am already exhausted- in a good way, but exhausted nonetheless.  I believe one day when you look back at this blog or our photos and memories books you might understand how much I love you, but even more so I hope that my love for you both is felt in your hearts by my actions, efforts (even the failed ones), and the memories that will start to be imprinted permanently into your mind. 


You have blossomed into a beautiful young woman this year. You have this composure about you that is so refined. How can I explain it … you pay attention to the details in everything. From how your jewelry matches your outfits, and how your hair looks better this way or that way with each changing mood, to how your room is set up and cleaned.

This year, I have started to see a little bit of me in you. You are planner and a person who always follows through. If you want something, you make a plan to get it and you don’t let anyone stop you. When you accomplish what it was – because you always do somehow- you don’t brag about it, it just is what it is. It had to be done. Basically you are intentional and purposeful with you actions, appearance, and environment.

You have become very assertive with your free time. You know when to say no. You yourself have made such wise decisions; turning down sleepovers, lessons, and treats because you listen to yourself and your body. I LOVE that about you. You love softball, being at home, and playing “teacher.” You love organizing, designing and giving your family a fashion show.

The older you get the more you are revealing your love language. You love language is definitely time and gifts. You love alone time with us, love playing games with us, you love shopping and receiving special gifts.


You are kind.

You are content.

You are wise.

You are worthy.

You are very much loved.

Happy 8th birthday - mom


You have gained such a personality and confidence this year. You are so funny, but even more so you like to make others laugh by being funny. You love the attention, but at the same time when it comes to showcasing your talents like singing or playing the guitar, you are so shy.

When I watch you with your friends I notice you as leader. They look to you. They are entertained by you. I hope your dad and I can guide that personality trait in the right direction, where you will be able lead gracefully, but also be okay when others do not follow. 

You love theatre and love softball. Playing softball games is so exciting for you. You have an adventurous spirit, but at times are timid to try things that scare you a bit. You play it safe.  It might be because you are intelligent beyond your years and realize the risk involved. You love movies and watching them with your dad. You love creating in your playroom and playing “house” with your dolls.

You too have reviled your love language a bit more as you get older. Your love language is touch and time. You love being cuddled, massaged, held, tickled, wrestled with. Good thing because I love tickling and tackling you. I believe that is how you feel loved.  It is also the reason you ride on Daddy’s lap any chance you get. You feel love through being close.


You are funny.

You are sweet.

You are intelligent.

You are worthy.

You are very much loved.

Happy 8th Birthday -mom

*** The girls, of course can read now... and they recently have been looking at my blog books. They came across past birthday letters I wrote to them and read them. One time I saw Lola reading them and she was crying. I asked why she was crying and she couldn't really tell me... it was one of the sweetest moments. I bring this up, because they asked me this year if they could read their birthday letters. This, alone, makes my heart happy.***

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