Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fun times in January

January was busy but 2017 started out with some fun too! 

I spent some time with Amy learning how to use my new insta pot! Always fun to cook with a friend. 

 On a sad note: my hubby- Tony is absolutely devastated that his team, his fun, his hobby- is gone. I can't quite put into words how sad he is... it really is a loss for him. When I came home from work one day Tony has removed all of his charger gear from his closet and has vowed not to wear it. Truly it makes him sick. In Tony's condition this is one thing - His Chargers- that he could truly share with his girls. They were starting to be such big fans.  

He shared that it was Thursday when the doctors told him he would paralyzed for life. Friday he was a bit bummed, but come Saturday all eh could think about the Chargers home opener. 1994 the charger had a fantastic season- They went to the Super Bowl that year. It was the Chargers Tony said that got him through the trenches, the read, and the realization that he would never walk again. He even got invited to watch a game field side during this time.  It was a good distraction, the excitement, and the thing to look forward too as he learned how to life his life paralyzed. 
Charger football was a part of him. 

 January gave us some storms, so one night when Ellie was at theatre class Lola and I filled sand bags to protest our back yard.  She was so helpful and it was her pleasure to do it. 

This cute girl is loving theatre... 
she just looked so cute as I dropped her off at theatre class I has to snap a picture. 

Dress up like your favorite book character day at school. 
Lola was Amelia Bedelia and Ellie was Niki Maxwell from Dork Diaries. 

The moments you get one kid to your self. It is happening more often these days as the girls are into different activities and have different friends. Ellie and I got to share coffee and reading time together!

The Gator Run! 

 This girl and her talent. I love hearing her play and listening to her sing. She's got something! I look forward to see her grow musically. 

Cotton Candy Machine! 
 Baby Rosy, got baptized at the mission. Lola and Ellie were so happy to attend this service and help hold baby Rosy at the reception. 

Another opportunity for alone time with just one of them. 
Lola could not have been happier that we got to eat in the Hodads BUS!

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