Friday, February 3, 2017

Happy New Year - From Bend, OR

 OMG- We were so excited to finally make it to Uncle Mark and Auntie Missi's new home! 
These two ladies were beside themselves and so cute in their winter coats if I do say so myself!
 I had to snap this shot of them, right after they got off the small jet and took the stairs off a plane for the first time. LOVE the Fur!
After squeezing everyone so tight (can I say our airport greeting was amazing), we could not wait to get out and play in the snow! 
  Mount Bachelor here we come! 

We played, seeded, and had a few snow ball fights.

 These girls have no fear... check this out!

 (yep, those are Lola's legs in the air)

 What a fall... they got right back on the saddle.

I missed this guy! My Bro

Bend is a cool place, to grab some pizza and beer. There were lots of cute Breweries! 

During down time at home there was a lot of cousin love. 

On our first morning there we woke up to a beautiful snow fall! Amazing!

 Lola loved the snow flaked in her hair!

 Mark and I drank coffee and watched those crazy kids...

 Breakfast, I loved our lazy morning. It's kind of what the holidays are all about. 

The next day we went to this awesome open air ice skating rink. We let the kiddo go have fun while Missi and I drank tea by the fire. (Honestly going around in circles at a rink makes me dizzy now... I'm getting old). 

Hiking the Dechutes river. 

 We had our own little Christmas together. The cousins had a blast. 

 Very late that night Matt, Mo, Athena, and Haven joined us.
 We woke up to know 7 out of the 9 total cousins  playing Pie in the face. 

All of us (except Matt who took the pic)

I love this picture for so many reasons. 
(Ellie -7, Athena-13, Haven-11, Aiden-10, Sydney-3, Lola-7, Liam -6)

 All bundled up and time to take the older cousins sledding. 

 We are ready for round two and so much more fun! 

Love this guy! 

The warming house.
Matt brought out his big camera for some fun shots... though I didn't get all of them. 

 Love this picture... Aiden

 So Sweet!

 The Sister-In-Laws

Back and the house and time to start bringing in the New Year! Lemon drops are a must!

  We all had so much fun cooking together and making some pretty cool cocktails. 

 Can I say Left, Center, Right... so much fun! 

 Before the ball dropped we headed outside to roast up some stores. 

 Happy New Year 2017

 Though we missed daddy and Shaun's family,  it was such a fun way to bring in the New Year. We all never get enough time together so when we do it's always a blast. These moments are so precious and the cousins truly love each other and can't get enough. 

Our flight left early the following morning (I should say was scheduled to leave early - we were delayed 4 hours out of Bend and then of course missed connecting flights). Needless to say we traveled all day to get home - oh yeah and Ellie was sick as a dog. I know I say it everytime I blog about trips, but these girls are the best travelers. Ellie is throwing up, I'm running off two hours of sleep and Lola she's just picking up the pieces at every turn.  

We made it home and are so glad we went and can't wait to go back again this summer. 

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