Thursday, March 30, 2017


This season of my life does not afford me much time to blog. This is not a complaint, it is an acknowledgment  about how full our lives are. Having two very healthy, active, and busy 8-year-olds leaves little free time and the free time I do have I am usually trying to work out, actually talk to my husband, and spend some down time with these beautiful little women I am raising. 

Though the thought of forgoing or  not prioritizing documenting our moments breaks my heart. So though I may not be blogging all our moments (Thank You instagram for keeping the moments for me) I will always find time to document the moments that mean the most. 

Lola loves to play games. I mean loves them. Anytime I ask her if she would like play, she always says yes ... and we play games. 

My Ellie on PJ day, found a PJ twin.

One day Ellie wanted to make us dessert all on her own! Just look at that smile! 

Every year our school has a silent auction. This year did not disappoint.
 Not only did they raise almost $100,000 it was a blast as well! 
All the girls teachers minus 1/2 in one shot. My girls are lucky. 
Mrs. Averkamp, me, Mrs. Alhstrom, Mrs. Sykes

 Night lights and reading... doest't get much more innocent than that... Lola Grace

Where there is a will there is a way... Tony got the girls a pitch back so he could play catch with them and work with them on their softball skills.  I love how Tony and the girls have such a connection with softball. 

 These TWO still crawl in bed with each other at night sometimes. 
 This is what their bed looks like most of the time... yep ... that's a poop emoji
 Lola... all  STYLE and glitz... she looks better in these than I do. 
Lola, she ran the most lap in the Gater Jog-o-thon for all of second grade girls. 
 Simple spring evening at the farmers market... I love the extra hour and the feel of summer in the air.
 My Ellie... no words... I love her.  Yep ... it was spring picture day this day. 

I have found just a bit of time to garden and my winter effort are showing through. 
My daffodil bed is in full bloom. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dabbing Dragons

Dabbing Dragon
Division: 8U
Coach: Casey Tonoian
Team: Lola, Ellie, Ella, Tessa, Lucy, Lilian, Dottie, Jocelyn, Lila, Isabel, Aubrey

Tony and I took a step back from coaching this year (8U is a bit above mu skill level) I settled for team mom, suits me a bit better. 

 Opening Day! 

Ellie number 4
Lola number 3

 My girl, Ellie, Loves to play catcher.
 We won our first game! 

 Lola loves playing third base and short stop. 

 Double Header Days... means lunch in OB with your teammates! 

Tony and I absolute love softball season. Lola and Ellie both enjoy playing ball and are so eager to practice, get better, and be with their team. 8U is a whole new ball game. Complete with outs, keeping score, and player pitch. It has been a learning curve for all, but I will tell you the games mean that much more and are that much more fun to watch. Though when your baby strikes out, it does pull on your heart string a bit. I love that these girls are such a positive part of a team and are walking away with so much more then just a fun season. With new friends, a love of sports, lessons in winning and losing, and learning to practice to improve and get better at something. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The TWINS turn 8

Birthday at School! 
Lola and Ellie celebrated whir birthday at school by bringing snacks to the class. Ellie brought morning donuts and Lola brought an afternoon snack of rice crispy treats. 

Donuts in the shape of an 8 for her 8th birthday! 

Lola passing out her treats. 

The day of their birthday... We had the day off school for their actual birthday. So we got to sleep in, make a fantastic breakfast, and celebrate in style. 

They had their heart set on going to K-1 speed way on their actual birthday, so we made it happen. Emma, Grandma, and Poppi joined up for the afternoon. It was so fun to watch them race and gain confidence in their driving skills. 

Poppi, a race car driver himself, gave the girls a pep talk. 

The girls face timed Uncle Shaun when they opened their gifts from them, really fun. 

In the evening, Emma, Uncle Drew, Grandma, Poppi, and Auntie Missi came over for dinner, presents and cake. 

Yep, those are from Uncle Drew...

It was such a fun day celebrating these two and making them feel special. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have two 8 year olds... but wow they are pretty incredible and 8 is going to be fun! 
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