Thursday, March 2, 2017

8th Birthday at the Bijou Drive-in

Lola and Ellie had decided on their birthday theme very soon after we moved into the new house. We had the space now to make their birthday vision come true.  They wanted to have a sleep over complete with a drive-in movie. So that is what they got! Birthdays are big at our house, because hey, they share the same day. I only get to plan one party a year. 

The girls each decided to invite 4 girls (yes so that means 10 girls total). All eight girls were able to come. I was a bit anxious about how it all go down, but in the end it was blast. I recruited my find Amy to help me out until the kids went to bed. She was alive saver!

Here is the party agenda. I can honestly say we stuck that agenda quite well. I am not sure I would have been able to host 10 eight-year-old-girls without some serious structure! 

{notice the post-its... Lola and Ellie took it upon themselves to post the rules about the house- love them}

{The Preparation and Decorations}
Uncle Drew - we called him the projector tech.

The girls have started to arrive and per the schedule ... 
they just played around a bit... all the girls hid as dad was playing monster. 

All the girls have arrived and we are starting to turn the boxes into cars!! 
They all had so much fun with this project and we all so creative !

After the cars were all ready for the drive -ins. It was PIZZA time! 

They have fun friend. Tessa actually played a joke on Ellie. Lola opened her present from Tessa and is was a buch of one dollar bills hidden in a tissue box. Ellie opened her and it was a bunch of tissues. Pretty funny... of course Ellie got her $ but it was hiding a ballon. 

CAKE Time!!! 

MOVIE Time! 
All the girls changed into their Jammies and headed out to the "Drive-ins" 
This worked out way better than Tony and I imagined. All the girls stay din their cars (they were comfortable) the whole movie. Amy and I brought them popcorn and Troll was a hit! 

BED Time! 
Amy and I had all these sleeping bags set up when the movie ended. The girls stayed up until about midnight talking and telling stories. Priceless!

Good Morning... It was filled with cartoons, playing with toys int eh playroom, breakfast, dance parties and pick up! 

...and that is a wrap...
It was such a great PARTY I had so much and it was such a pleasure to help the girls vision come to life. They are truly something to celebrate. 

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