Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dabbing Dragons

Dabbing Dragon
Division: 8U
Coach: Casey Tonoian
Team: Lola, Ellie, Ella, Tessa, Lucy, Lilian, Dottie, Jocelyn, Lila, Isabel, Aubrey

Tony and I took a step back from coaching this year (8U is a bit above mu skill level) I settled for team mom, suits me a bit better. 

 Opening Day! 

Ellie number 4
Lola number 3

 My girl, Ellie, Loves to play catcher.
 We won our first game! 

 Lola loves playing third base and short stop. 

 Double Header Days... means lunch in OB with your teammates! 

Tony and I absolute love softball season. Lola and Ellie both enjoy playing ball and are so eager to practice, get better, and be with their team. 8U is a whole new ball game. Complete with outs, keeping score, and player pitch. It has been a learning curve for all, but I will tell you the games mean that much more and are that much more fun to watch. Though when your baby strikes out, it does pull on your heart string a bit. I love that these girls are such a positive part of a team and are walking away with so much more then just a fun season. With new friends, a love of sports, lessons in winning and losing, and learning to practice to improve and get better at something. 

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