Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spring Break 2017

We started off spring break with a trip to Palm Spring It was the perfect way to start the week off. All we did was real, swim, and read. It was quite perfect if I do say so myself. 
 The girls were big enough for the big slide this year. 

 I love how they play for hours with each other ... literally Two Peas in a Pod.

 The girls got a hold of my phone for some pics...

 We saw quite a few people we knew (three of my student to be exact) Annette was one of them. 
 So three days of non-stop swimming plus ellis's super fine thick hair equals this...
 two hours of combing and lots of tears. 

OMG- Spring Break allowed me some extra time to explore the trails in walking distance of my house. Decollate Canyon is cut a great place to hike and the spring bloom was incredible. 

 Spring Break was filled with lots of playdates... some together and some alone. When the girls got invited for a sleepover at their friends' house, Lola politely declined because she wanted mommy and daddy all to herself. We played catch for quite sometime, then games, and of course let her "sleep over" in our room. 

Gosh I wish breaks like this were just a tad bit longer... but the count down to summer begins. 

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