Sunday, May 7, 2017

Easter 2016

This month has been pretty stressful, to say the lest, so Easter crept up on us pretty quick. The day before Easter we found some moments to color eggs! The girls were pretty creative and colored two-dozen. 

 Easter baskets were filled with some summer necessities, books, and a bit of candy. 

It took the girls quite some time to find their baskets this year. The house is much bigger and there are much more places of runs to to hide them! After about 15 minutes they found them hidden in our room of course! 

The girls and I went to the early mass this Easter, as Tony was a bit laid up and has to stay home. 

This year we hosted Easter. My grandmas, parents, Emma, and Uncle Drew joined us for dinner. 
We mad it very casual considering the circumstances.

 The HUNT is on! 

 The found a basket full! 
My Easter cuties!
My Mom! 

 Nana and GG watching the hunt. 

 It was a nice day and the girls enjoyed every bit of it. Tony got to watch the hunt via face time. We were all together and it was nice to have a holiday at our home.  

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