Monday, May 8, 2017

Teacher for a day

"Teacher Assistant" for the day was auctioned off as part of a school fundraiser. Lola and Ellie begged me to bid, the bid went too high and I called it quits, until the girls put up some of their own money to win it! In the end (i'm talking mil-a-seconds- we won and the girls were thrilled!

Mrs. Nazarian, Ellie, and Lola has spent Friday after school planning for the upcoming Monday when they were to teach. The girls were sent home with projects to prep and lessons to review. They even planned to coordinate their outfits, a Silver Gate shirt, jeans and sneakers. They even got treated to lunch by their teacher!

Lola and Ellie team laugh the lesson for the day.
Lola is doing the read aloud and Ellie is on the doc cam.

Lola and Ellie led a geometry math lesson.

They graded papers with Mrs. Nazarian

Back to the whole class lesson, this time Ellie was ding the reading and Lola was on the doc cam.

Smart board fun! Ellie is teaching the Scholastic News lesson!


Both Lola and Ellie consider this day the best day of second grade! 

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