Wednesday, June 21, 2017

an end of an era

Well... the era I am talking about it is the sweet primary years we call Kinder, 1st,  and 2nd grade. The years where you learn all the foundation skills, you learn to read, your learn to add and subtract. The years you learn how to be a student, where school is filled with frills, fun, and sweet activities. Where innocence still runs rampant in the classroom and on the playground. Where teachers still are all knowing and when no secrets are kept from parents awaiting to hear about their childrens' school days. It was such a blessed and fantastic year. It was a year I saw both Lola and Ellie settle into themselves. I watched how they became so self assured and confident in their ability to learn, contribute to their classroom community, and become accountable for their learning. Their two teachers were absolutely perfect and so nurturing. It is exactly what they needed to prepare themselves for the next leap ahead of them. As a teacher I know that third grade is whole new ball game, where you are not learning to read, but reading to learn. Where math is taken to whole new level and the innocence tends to fade just a bit. They grow-up and enter a new phase when 3rd grade starts. I know they are prepared for it and I am excited to watch them experience it all. 

Wrapping up second grade, starting with Open House
How cool is Ms. Averkamp... creating a selfie station in the classroom for Open House. 
 {Ms. Averkamp, Mrs Nazarian, Me, and Mrs Fowler- principal}

Lola and Ellie were so excited to show us all they have created this year and all the work they have done. 

On the big board at Open House, slides of all the students were featured states the highlights of their year. 

  We got to read their writing, see their google slides and doc presentations. 
 We even got to see the bugs and life cycle science experiments. 
 Of course there was a ton of art to see! 

 Gator olympics is always a highlight as we wrap up the school year. 

The last day of school was so fun. 
Their teachers had an awards presentation and poetry reading in the morning. 

To no surprise Ellie received the Aspiring Author Award 

And Lola she received the Fabulous Focus award because she is always on top of her game and the student always look to her for direction. 

Poetry Readings

... and just like that I have third graders... 

So we must do what needs to be done... and head to the beach! 
To keep up on tradition we headed down to Kellogg Beach with a bunch of friends from school and started the summer off with a lot of beach fun! 

Arriving home after this last day of school, we were greeted with this sign.
 Emma left it for us and it was a sweet reminder that is time to say Hello to Summer!

Tony and I made a summer basket for the girls, complete with multiplication flash cards, summer journals, cursive practice, multiplaciton games (from my classroom ), and aquatic passes!

Cheers to SUMMER ... the best time of the year!

Monday, June 12, 2017

our girls ...

... are the best sisters

 ... have such a wonder for the world around them

... love the sweet simple things 

 ...  know how to live the good life

 ... can laugh at themselves 

 ... are brave
{ Rock Climbing.  It is so good for them, teaching them to be brave beyond fear, perseverance, and how to plan ahead} 

 ... depend on each other 

 ... tell us their secrets
{this night I will hold dear as they both reviled their crushes in the cutest way}

... are loved more then they know
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