Thursday, June 8, 2017

My bro turns 40

Mark was turning 40 and Missi threw a surprise, party weekend for him. A few of his friends and most of his family flew up to Bend to surprise Mark. It was great because he didn't know we were going. Matt met I at the San Fransisco airport and we flew into Bend together. It was great having some fun time with Matt too! 

Well we were a bit delayed out of SF so the girls and Uncle Matt at some fun! 

We all surprised Mark in the morning, Matt passed down the over the hill walking stick. 

My dad showed a slide show of 40 years with of pictures of Mark

Lola and Ellie made a book that listed "40 reasoned why they love their uncle"
It was a heartfelt book that had some funnies in it too!
Time to enjoy Bend in the spring! Brewery and Corn Hole.. I'll take it!

Mark's big party night! 
Mark and his friend Angela celebrated their 40th together. It was a fun fiesta party. 

The next day we too a hike to Tumlo Falls. 

We walked under the falls. 

We headed up Mt. Bachelor... still a whole lot of snow!

The next we headed out with the kids this time to the lava caves. 
It was a great adventures with some true spelunking .

It was such a great trip with so much fun planned. It was great to be a hotel all on my own while the girls partied with their cousins. One last brewery before we head home. 

I'm so glad we all got to spend the weekend celebrating Mark! 

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