Sunday, July 30, 2017

Summer of Slime

When the girls asked to borrow my iPad to watch slime videos, I had no idea what it would turn into ... an obsession. I first through it was an isolated interest until I realized that every girl ages 8-13 is making slime and glue is hard to find because it is sold out everywhere! These girls perfected their slime and learned how to make so many different types. 

W even spent an afternoon at Lola and Ellie's kindergarten teacher's house. Her tow daughters were slime masters and taught the girls a lot about slime making! 

 {Allison, Ella, Lola, Ellie}

Lola and Ellie even taught their cousins how to make slime. 
Aiden and the girls decided to try and sell some of their loot! 
They made $12.00, I would saw that was pretty good! 

I love that Lola and Ellie taught themselves how to do something creative and keep on working to perfect their hobby! Childhood at it's best. 

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