Friday, August 25, 2017

Daughter Dates

The girls look forward to these dates almost as much as Tony and I do. I am always so, so very grateful we take the time to do these one-on-one daughter dates. I believe that I get to know Lola and Ellie on such a deeper level each and every year we do these. I love their individuality and how they ask when they are the complete center of attention. I always put my phone away on these night only pulling it out everyone once in a while to snap a pic (therefore there is not too many pcitures) I like it that way. 

First up was Me and Lola, and then Tony and Ellie 

Lola and I spend hours making candles and painting at Hot Spot - it was so much fun for both of us! Then we went to to Sushi for dinner and topped off the evening with a dessert shopping spree at Ralphs only to come home and lock ourselves in my room and watch Home shows while we ate all our goodies. It was such a wonderful night. Lola kept thanking me throughout the night for the date and telling me how much fun she was having. We talked about her hesitations with the upcoming school year and also things she was excited about we laughed ant simply had fun! PS The girls always take pride in picking out our outfits.

Tony and Ellie had a great time. 
They saw the Emoji movie and went to the Liberty public market for dinner. 

One week later, we got to switch it up and I got to take Ellie out. Ellie and I did the same date at Lola. Hot spot for pottery and candle making, sushi for dinner, and dessert to go for a movie at home! This girls is so fun. I love, love her. She keeps me laughing! The best quote of the night is "Mom, If I had three eyeballs, I would want the third one on my hand" Ya know I never though of that, but she's on to something. 

Daddy took Lola to see wonder women and then to the food court for Hot Dog on a stick for dinner. hey came home had dessert and watched movies while lola sat on Daddy's lap. So sweet! 

Family Hero

Sometimes there are stories that need to be told. 
This one involves how Ellie became a family hero. 

One Friday night we were heading to the Point Loma concerts athlete park. We planned a head and made a lot of food to share with friends, so much we needed a wagon to tote it all to the park form the parking lot. Where we parked there happened to be a huge hill on the way to the concerts both girls offered to pull the wagon to the grass. So off they went. Ellie in front and Lola in back of the wagon. As the girls headed down the hill, Lola's shoe came untied and she let go of the back of the wagon to tie her show leaving Ellie to pull the wagon down the steep hill on her own. Tony and I were walking a few steps behind at this time. The momentum of the wagon was making it go really fast and Ellie count no longer control the wagon. She. Let. It. Go. The wagon was heading straight for a car. I yelled "No, Ellie It headed straight for the car!" Both Ellie and I sprinted to try and catch the van, but because I was further behind there was no way I was going to catch it. Ellie continued to spent and just before the wagon was about to crash into the car she dove, grabbing the edge of the wagon. The wagon drug Ellie about 5 years just before stopping two inches away from the car. Ellie stood up proud of her self. I ran to her and grabbed her ,cringing - afraid to look at her bare leg that just got dragged on the asphalt. "Mom, I saved it" I believe she was in shock as the pain had not set in, she was so proud and didn't shed a tear. My heart broke and the sight of her legs and blood that drained down. I tried to stay clam and Joked with her that she made egg salad out of my deviled eggs. We called her our family hero because  the running dive saved her parents an insurance claim on the waiting car. (though I would have happily paid the deductible t save her sweet legs). My girl was so tough she didn't shed a tear, until off course the shock wore off. 30 minutes into the concert she sat on my lap at sobbed, pleaded that she turn back time. As the days went on, Ellie wore her scabs prideful.  Proving my sweet Ellie is one tough cookie who saved the day and made egg salad while she was at it! 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ellie and her surfboard

This summer my baby girl have fallen more in love with the ocean (if that impossible). She came to the beach with a determined spirit to learn and love to surf. We got her a few lessons and gave her ample opportunities to practice and I would say she is a pretty good little surfer girl! 

{Ellie and the waves}

I love watching this girl in her element, it's kind of like it's in her blood. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

A surprise visit

My SIL was heading into town for a business meeting with my team, it was originally going to be just her and to our surprise my brother and the kids joined her. It was a great surprise and we took advantage of all of it! 

{Sydney, Liam, Ellie, Lola, Aiden}

 This girl loves her Uncle Tony an made a special Slime just for him! 
Here she is delivering it to him in bed. 

The kids made enough slime to sell it and yep they made $12! 

 I am always impressed with this lady.. we hosted the meeting at our house and Missi is so in her element talking and inspiring other business women. 

Uncle Mark took the kids tide pooling while we were holding the business meeting. 

The third annual boat on the bay day! It is too much fun to let a summer pass without renting a speed boat with Uncle Mark. We included tubing this year, which was all too much fun for everyone!

 ...this one is a lover of life...

The trip ended with Dinner with these ladies... all businesses ladies lifting up other women! 

I'm so glad that they all come down and really helped make our summer complete. 
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