Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Grom Fest 2016

Leading up to the Grom Fest was a few lessons from a legend. Mouse, our long time friend and the unofficial major of Ocean Beach, taught the girls a thing or tow about surfing. 
This day it was tandem surfing ... too much fun!

 Ellie, Mouse, and Lola at the Grom Fest- the OB surf contest for 18 and under!

Waiting for your heat is pretty fun too!

Lola was up first! 

Next heat- Ellie's Turn

These two surfed their tails off and scored a spot in the finals... 
They now will compete against each other!
The finals... girls (8-12)

Awards Ceremony... Lola took third place and Ellie took 5th place
 (even though her trophy says 6th- they gave her the wrong one and we didn't realize it until we got home)

The whole gang of Groms!

Tony and I were beyond proud of Lola and Ellie! They entered this contest simply to have fun and for the swag (which was AWESOME by the way) and they came out on top. This experience gave them so much confidence! Lola hadn't paddled into a wave on her own before this day, yet she took 3rd place. They were actually getting killer waves too!! It must be their blood. Their dad is just a wee bit proud :) 

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