Friday, February 16, 2018

Christmas Morning!

Santa came and Haddie left...

"Good Morning Girls, it's Christmas!"

We usually do stocking last, but this year we did stocking first- it was nice to prolong it all!

Next up was a scavenger hunt for some presents from mom and dad

They finished the hunt and found their presents- they were excited to say the least. 

Now it's time to tackle the tree! 

They want to open the gifts they bought for each other first, so sweet. This year they used their own money and went the $1 store to buy their sister some special treats. 

Onto some Santa gift and too much other loot!

Last present of the day was a pretty big one, Santa hid it in the way back. 

Time to play! 

Christmas Morning is awakes pretty magical and this year was no different. 

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