Friday, March 9, 2018

Birthday Project at School

The last school day before the girls' 9th  birthday, instead of bringing sweet treats, I went into their classroom and taught an art project. I was inspired by my friend Renee, who throught up this project. I took pictures of all of the students in Lola and Ellie's classroom and then I printed the pictures as a sketch. The students colored the pictures with water color pencils and then turned their picture into a water color. They then framed the picture and picked a word to describe themselves. It was so awesome to do this for Lola and Ellie! Tony and Emma came in to assist with the lesson. 

 These girls' art project turned out amazing... Lola- Stylish, Ellie- Crazy

I absolutely LOVE celebrating the girls in such a fun way! 
It was a great way to kick off their birthday weekend! 

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